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Beer Draught Dispenser & ChillerWOW!
Mmm…draught beer. Don't you just love it? The problem is you have to visit your local drinking emporium to enjoy the lovely stuff. Yes, you can buy cans from the offy but they're simply not the same, are they? After all, a perfectly poured pint is the most beautifully crafted beverage known to mankind. Probably R2,999 - Gimme this!
Veho™ 360 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Amazing, small and lightweight but perfectly formed and an essential accessory for any owner of a iPod, Iphone or MP3 Players. Just because it's small doesn't mean this nifty little speaker won't pump out some impressive beats. Made from hi-tech materials and fitted with a rechargeable battery, volume control and 3x mobile phone connectors. R399 - Gimme this!
Joby® GorillaTorch Blade
GorillaTorch Blade combines 130 Lumens of LED Flashlight with hands-free and tactical capabilities. The perfect companion for the demanding DIYer or mechanically-minded user, the GorillaTorch Blade provides the targeted positioning required for hard-to-reach places. The GorillaTorch Blade easily slips into a tool belt, fits into one hand and attaches hands-free to your workbench creating the ideal light for the task at hand. R599 - Gimme this!
Joby® GorillaMobile Yogi (for iPad™)
The Yogi consists of a polycarbonate case with a rubber bumper. Into this case slides the tripod, with the prehensile ball-and-socket legs that are Joby’s trademark. The tripod can mount on a long or a short edge, and from there you can pretty much position the iPad any way you like, propping it on your lap, wrapping it around a wrist or hanging it from the back of an airplane (or car) seat. R399 - Gimme this!
Joby® GorillaMobile Ori for iPad™
Inspired by the Japanese art of the fold, Gorillamobile Ori for iPad 2 transforms effortlessly from a flat, lightweight protective case to an amazingly versatile iPad stand. Following months of research, Ori was designed to provide limitless ergonomic screen positioning and hands-free stability, without sacrificing the protection or portability of a sleek iPad case. R799 - Gimme this!
Joby® GorillaTorch Switchback
The GorillaTorch Switchback transforms from a powerful compact lantern to a high-performance headlamp, all using a single 5-LED light array. The Switchback’s smart ergonomic design features a rugged yet sleek exterior, which makes it the perfect companion for your camping, climbing, or backpacking exploits. R599 - Gimme this!
P.H. 9pc Brown Leather Button-Flap Leather MANicure Set
>A stylish and well presented manicure set for men that features all the tools he could need and then some. This manicure set comes beautifully presented in an (embossed) brown genuine leather button flap pouch. The 9 piece set features quality manicure tools: R335 - Gimme this!
Veho™ Muvi HD-10+ Muvi Micro DV Camcorder with LCD (4GB, Black)
The Muvi HD camcorder series redefines the world of handsfree video recording. Measuring just 8.5cm high the Muvi HD range is compact enough to shoot video just about anywhere. It's unique Sensa wireless remote control and universal mounting (both included in package) make it a true master of hands free recording. R2499 - Gimme this!
Freeloader Classic Portable Solar Energy (Silver)
The Freeloader Classic is the new star of the solar mobile charging world. Sleek and robust it contains the most cutting edge electronics capable of powering the world's most popular devices including the iPad and the iPad2. R449 - Gimme this!
H-RACER 1.0 Hydrogen Powered Car
The H-racer is a micro-version of what engineers and scientists have been dreaming about for real cars: combining hydrogen with oxygen to generate a DC current to power an electric motor. Unlike a gas-powered car engine, the only byproducts are electricity and pure water. Horizon has created a unique, patented miniature fuel-cell car and hydrogen refueling station. R1399- Gimme this!
Freeloader Globetrotter Classic Kit (Green)
Freeloader Classic is an advanced portable charging system that can power any hand held device anywhere, anytime. Freeloader takes power from its solar panels, the supplied Supercharger or via its charge cable that plugs into a computers’ USB. Once charged, Freeloader Classic’s internal battery can power an iPod for 18hours, a smartphone for 44 hours, PSP for 2.5 hours and even an iPad for 2 hours. R1,199 - Gimme this!

Salt + Power
Recharge your meals and energise your tastebuds with these cheeky salt and pepper pots. Salt + Power are the same size and shape as normal D-cell batteries, but tip them up and they’ll dish out your favourite table condiments. R165 - Gimme this!

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  • Underwater Camera with Aquacam HD
  • MP4 Watch 2GB with MP4 Watch 8GB
  • Drift Innovation HD170 Action Camera
  • Fetish Fantasy Series 10 Function Remote Control Fantasy Panty
  • Kama Sutra - Cupids Collection
  • RazorMD RazorMD The Whip Shaving Cream
  • Facebook Fridge Magnets
  • Black Diamond iPhone charger and mood lamp

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