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MÜHLE 4pc Mach 3 Razor Nickel Plated Shaving Set (Horn)
Breath new life into your shave regime with a premium quality nickel plated shave and grooming set. You can now upgrade to a more masculine and more indulgent shaving set that is guaranteed to leave you feeling invigorated, pampered and stubble-free like never before. R950 - Gimme this!
MÜHLE Straight Razor with Gold Etching (Black Synthetic Handle)
Once you're done toying around with disposable razors and the like, join the shave and grooming elite that swear by the cutthroat razor. Cutthroat razors are designed for the skilled user, and although may take some getting use to, will lend itself to the closest, most masculine, and utterly indulgent shave you will ever experience. R650 - Gimme this!
Men-u D-TOX Deep Clean Clay Mask (100ml)
Men have greasier skin which means less wrinkles but who wants a polished face even with less wrinkles! Fast drying, deep cleansing, absorbent & filtering mask with kaolin clay, witch hazel & zinc oxide. Removes excess oil, dead skin cells, impurities & blockages leaving skin clean, dry, smooth & firm. Good for normal, combination & oily skin. Great for the T-zone (forehead, nose & chin). R199 - Gimme this!
Fleshlight® Girls™ Pirates Edition Jesse Jane Gauntlet
Pirates Fleshlight: Featuring "Pirates" stars Jesse Jane, Stoya, and Riley Steele, the Pirates Limited Edition Fleshlight will quickly have you sailing the sexy seas. Includes the official "Pirates" insignia on a limited-edition plastic case forged in honey and gold that brings a classy new meaning to the booty held within. R1,199 - Gimme this!
House of Eros Superior Leather Wrist Cuffs
Beautiful thick supple black leather has been used for this set, comfortable to wear enabling extended periods of play. Superior Wrist cuffs, The cuffs are designed with straps which can be loosened or tightened to fit a large range of sizes. The holes have been fitted with eyelets to prevent wear on the leather. R399 - Gimme this!
DIY Ice Pops
Kids today, eh? Don’t know they’re born. Back in our day if it was hot, all we had to suck on was an ice cube. And that was between five of us. And we made it last three weeks. Alright, that might not be true. But even so, the number of different ice lollies available to kids (and grown ups) these days is staggering. And the cost of what is basically frozen fruit juice is going up and up! R125 - Gimme this!
Man Bowl
From a distance it looks just like a classic dog bowl, but get a little closer and you'll see that this quirky ceramic dish is in fact emblazoned with the word 'MAN' rather than the word 'DOG'! Okay, you might want to draw the line at placing it on the floor come mealtimes, but it makes the perfect receptacle for man-sized portions of pasta or rice, XL puddings and helpings of cereals that'll set you up 'til suppertime! R250 - Gimme this!
Floaster Floating Coaster
These cool contemporary coasters make an undeniably stylish addition to any home or workplace… but there's much more to them than first meets the eye! As well as looking great, they're cleverly designed to make it look like your drinks are magically suspended in thin air! R150 - Gimme this!
Digital Telephone & Voice Recorder with MP3 Player (2GB)
An ultra-sleek Digital Voice and Telephone Recorder that comes with 2GB internal memory and FM radio, this handy little gadget offers you one touch recording for lectures, interviews, phone conversations, etc. It also works as an MP3 player and FM radio receiver for you to enjoy hours of music and radio programs. R699 - Gimme this!
SoWine Wine Chiller & Preserver (with CO2 Extraction)
SoWine is an innovative, dual temperature, two-bottle wine bar designed to provide you with wine by the glass at its optimal serving temperature exactly where you enjoy it best – at home. SoWine guarantees the pleasure of an unspoiled wine, the freedom to be able to drink it at your own pace – over several days – and always at the right temperature! R3,999 - Gimme this!

BloKart SailingWOW!
We all love new hobbies. In fact, if we weren't busy all day long working and trying to find you great things to do in the city, we'd constantly be outside, perfecting new skills. We can abseil, we can surf (almost), and now, we can Blokart Sail. If you want in on the action too, you're in luck. We will let you race Blokarts on the Blokart Track Situated at Sunrise Beach. R199 - Gimme this!

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Coming Soon

  • Powertraveller Startmonkey 400
  • Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme
  • Joby Gorillapod Yogi 
  • Joby Gorillapod Ori 
  • Joby Gorillapod torch (FL4)
  • Joby Gorillapod lamp/headlamp (FL3)
  • 9pc Button Flap Leather MANicure Set
  • Veho Muvi HD Pro with LCD
  • Veho Bluetooth Portable Speaker
  • Comic Strip Photo Frame

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