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LifeProof Cover for iPhone® 5 Water & Shockproof Cover
The thinnest, lightest LifeProof case ever produced, also happens to be the strongest and the most functional. And, thanks to the clear back window showcasing the legendary Apple logo, you can add “most beautiful” to that list, too.R995 - Gimme this!
Padintosh Cover For iPad 2
Evoke the heady technological heyday of the mid 80s with this retro iPad cover.Released to much fan-fare in 1984, the original Apple Mac 128K design has remained iconic well into the 21st Century and is right at home adorning the Padintosh for iPad 2/3 - the perfect retro accessory for your everyday nostalgic, tablet toting Apple head! R350 - Gimme this!

Smart Control Sky Helicopter
The Smart Control Sky Helicopter is a little more James Bond than your regular flying machine! The Smart Link Control device turns your smartphone into the controller so that you can do some precision flying just by fiddling with your phone. R875 - Gimme this!

Golf Ball Finder Glasses
Save hours looking for your wayward golf balls with these specially tinted glasses. Aside from looking about as hip as you can get, these glasses actually serve a very useful purpose! Save enough time and money by retrieving all your lost balls to go another 18-holer R175 - Gimme this

Wind Up Mobile Phone & iPod Charger
This wind-up phone charger and torch is the end result of an extensive search for the best mini emergency phone charging gadget that we could find. A twist of the wrist means you'll always be able to charge your mobile in an emergency and there's a handy light whenever you need it to! R250 - Gimme this!

Inflatable Chef Costume
Perfect for fancy dress parties! This Inflatable Chef Costume is a recipe for fun and frolics - and, with a fan that keeps it inflated for up to seven hours, there is plenty of time to whip up some party food! A chef's hat is included to help you really look the part. R525 - Gimme this!
Mini DV Camera
This thumb-sized cam has got to be in the running for title of the Smallest Video Camera in the World! Yet despite its dinky stature, it still packs a punch in the recording stakes!The Mini DV Camera records both audio and video in AVI files and saves them to a micro SD card for computer playback, giving you a maximum capacity of 16GB.R875 - Gimme this!

iPhone 4 Desk Top Phone
This clever desktop phone dock is the solution! Designed to look like a classic desktop phone, this ingenious dock allows you to connect your iPhone and use a real handset to make and receive calls from it – great if you're worried about the suspected radiation emitted from mobiles or just want to chat away like it's the early nineties all over again! R350 - Gimme this!

iPhone® 4/4S Protective Case
This hardwearing phone case has been specifically designed for users with an active lifestyle. Featuring three form-fitting layers and a self-fixed screen protector, it guards against impact damage, scratches and dirt. Accurate cut-outs allow access to all ports and functions, while thanks to the durable rotary snap hook on the back, you can attach your phone to your belt, your bike gears or wherever else you want to position it.R350 - Gimme this!
My Train Journey
The ultimate in fantasy adventure: Mi Train Journey offers you all the mystery and thrill of rail travel without the tedium or expense of actually sitting on a train!Simply film a journey on your smartphone, or even better download someone else's, then slot your phone into the miniature carriage window and press play to create this quirky desk distraction. R350 - Gimme this!
iWallet for iPhone 4/4S (Black)
The iWallet will restore pocket order! Snapping closed with a svelte magnet catch, the slim-line iPhone 4/4S case serves as gadget protection while conveniently organising your pocket clutter!So now alongside your emails, text messages and music in your iPhone, you can keep your all-important pieces of plastic, cash and travel cards!R300- Gimme this!

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Coming Soon

  • Aqua Bag Iphone
  • iPhone 4- Doodle Case
  • Emergency Phone Charger
  • iPlunger- Mini iPhone Stand
  • RC Helicopter - Gyro Flyer

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