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Digital Luggage Scale
The ergonomic design makes this the best luggage scale on the market. Insert the scale belt through the handle of your luggage, lift it up and the LCD screen will display the weight. The LCD even displays the temperature! The scales capacity is an impressive 50kg, includes an overload indicator and is small enough to slip into your hand luggage. It really is the perfect travel companion! R299 - Gimme this!

Talking Apple Clock
This cute Apple shaped alarm clock has several useful features including a speech function, thermometer and LED light.<br>
Simply touch the stalk to hear the current time and temperature and to illuminate the display. R185 - Gimme this!
Waterproof Aqua Mood Light
Create ambience with this colour-changing waterproof LED light: let it shine out from flower vases, water features or even your bathtub.The Aqua Mood Light comes with a remote control so you can set the mood at the touch of a button R299 - Gimme this!

Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder
Instantly record with this fashionable audio recorder in your office, at school or on your Mobile/Cell Phone or even schedule a future recording if necessary. Playback your recording directly through the in-built audio speaker or play it back later at a more convenient time. R995 - Gimme this!

Proffesional 160 Lumen CREE LED Headlamp
This ultra clear headlamp is composed in its heart of a very powerful CREE chip allowing you to see far away even in total absence of moonlight. The case, made of resistant aluminum alloy, makes it weatherproof, whatever the environment. Its brightness performance reaches 170LM, which is amazing for such a small-sized gadget, and along with the super long battery life. R265 - Gimme this!

Alcohol Breathalyser Executive Edition
The Portable Breathalyzer is an advanced alcohol tester that checks and measures accurately your Blood Alcohol Content. Its portable size makes it very convenient to bring and keep permanently in your car or bag. Just insert a mouthpiece, turn the breathalyzer on, follow the few steps on the screen, blow into it for 5 seconds, and you'll receive audio and visual warnings if you're over the limit. R399 - Gimme this!
LifeProof Case for iPad
iPad cases with built-in screen protectors significantly degrade the visual clarity of your iPad and have an air gap that interferes with the touch experience.LifeProof's patent pending Sound Enhancement System ensures you get the most out of your media. The nüüd is the only case that channels the sound through the case cavity, providing a richer, fuller sound. R1299 - Gimme this!
Veho 360 Bluetooth Wirless Speaker
The 360° M4 Bluetooth Speaker follows on from the successful VSS-006-360BT 360° M3 Bluetooth Speaker but introduces duel 2 x 2.2w speaker power and includes a microSD card slot and volume/track control.The new microSD feature allows you to store your music on a card up to 16GB and the speaker internal player will support MP3 and WMV file formats. R695 - Gimme this!
Veho Muvi HD NPNG Special Edition Bundle
The Muvi HD has updated firmware to allow you to record at 960p at 30fps and 720p at 60 &amp; 30fps giving you more versatility with your Muvi HD action camera. The Muvi HD also has a 16mbit/s in 1080p mode to make sure your footage is as smooth as possible. R2999 - Gimme this!
Parrot Mini Kit Plus Handsfree Car Kit
Parrot Mini Kit Plus Portable Bluetooth hands-free kit for mobile phones, Smartphones and iPhones. The mini kit can connect two phones simultaneously and uses voice recognition to call a contact. The Parrot Mini Kit Plus can accept or reject calls by voice, or you can listen to your music or navigation commands. Automatic switch on when you get in your car and stores up to 20000 contacts in your kit memory, and you get up to six months of standby with Ultra Low Power Mode. R699 - Gimme this!
Spy Glasses HD-DVR with MP3 (4GB)
Whether you are a music lover, a budding spy, or just a very cool dude (or all three combined), the MP3 and Video Recording Sunglasses will undoubtedly be your eyewear of choice. The fashionable looking shades come with a 5 mega pixel CMOS hidden camera in the frame, so that you can video record whatever it is you are looking at, and include an in built MP3 player, so you can provide a sound track to your own movie. R995- Gimme this!

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  • Dutch Courage Keyring
  • 80's Retro iPhone Case
  • Ice Cream Door Stop
  • Tweet Mug
  • Melting Clock

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