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Powertraveller Solarmonkey & Solarnut
The solarmonkey & solarnut can be connected directly to your phone, iPod (it's in the Made for iPod™ program), PDA, PSP and more, enabling you to recharge without the need for batteries or a mains power supply! The solarmonkey works via two solar panels which generate an electric current when exposed directly to sunlight, which in turn charges your device. (Please Note: The solarmonkey panel does NOT hold a charge.) R499 - Gimme this!
Dirty Dog Furious Metalic Grey Polarised
Creating the most comfortable frames made of the toughest materials. Dirty Dog takes sunglasses, goggles and optical frames to the next level. No compromises. The point is our frames don't just look great; they've got what it takes to back it up. Comfortable frames made of the toughest materials R899 - Gimme this!
Razor MD Black 360 Razor (Mach 3)
The Black 360 is a classic in every sense of the word! It's our flagship razor and what put us on the map! The Black 360™ consists of a classy, sophisticated black handle razor, compatible and comes with one Gillette® Mach3® blade and of course our signature black gift case....every guy deserves one in their line-up! R298 - Gimme this!
The UFC returns to London and the UK's best are on hand at the O2 Arena to defend their shores from a host of international stars. In the main event, former Ultimate Fighter winner Michael "The Count" Bisping takes on Japan's Yoshihiro Akiyama in a pivotal middleweight clash. Plus, welterweight contenders Dan Hardy and Carlos Conduit collide in a highly anticipated battle R299 - Gimme this!
Flippin' Cool Retro ClockWOW!
This retro-look clock combines high precision electronics with steam punk design thanks to its exposed workings and gear operated flip swatches. The base, spine, and frame are all metal solid, while the flip down number swatches have been fashioned from extra durable acrylic for a desk clock meets work of art. R599 - Gimme this!
Electric Wine Bottle Opener
The Electric Corkscrew opens your favourite bottle of plonk in an instant, meaning you won't have to waste any valuable drinking time. There is nothing worse at a party or soiree than trying to open that fiddly bottle of wine, especially when you have had a few glasses to begin with. You can't get the corkscrew into the cork, it doesn't go all the way in, and then it takes the world strongest man to pull it out again. R299 - Gimme this!
Professional 44-LED Headlight
Great new LED headlamp gadget for construction, engineering or any other professionals who work in spaces with limited lighting. This LED lighting gadget is both comfortable to wear and easy to use. Let's not forget, this LED head lamp is designed for use in multiple scenarios and comes with an adjustable fit as well as adjustable angle control to allow for easy use to provide great illumination of areas with limited lighting. R165 - Gimme this!
Nickel Bio Energising Facial Scrub 125ml
It's powerful. This energizing facial exfoliator is enriched with Bamboo, Flax and Aloe Vera to provide your skin with a vitality boosting cocktail. Free from impurities and dead skin cells, the epidermis looks smooth and invigorated. It's simple. Apply a small amount of the product over the whole face and massage into damp skin for a few seconds. Rinse with plenty of water. Avoid direct contact with eyes. R245 - Gimme this!
Neon Bar Sign
This Neon Bar Lamp is a really cool sign that lets everybody know where the drinks are! Invite your friends and family over for a drink and impress them with this funky Neon Bar sign, a perfect feature for any bar, work surface or living area. AC Adaptor operated the Neon Bar sign will illuminate with the flick of a switch. Blue and purple light. R260 - Gimme this!

Insulting Tape
We've all heard of insulation tape, but now there's a new kid on the block: insulting tape! Hers - Vent your frustration in style. Totally harmless and loads of fun. The Her Insult Pack contains 3 rolls of non adhesive barrier tape with simple but effective words to embarass and shame the women in your life His - Vent your frustration in style. R50 - Gimme this!

The One Binary Watch WOW!
If nerdiness is the new rock n roll, then this Binary Watch is as rock n roll as you can get. Yep, emphasise your cool credentials with a watch that no one can decipher except you (and maybe not even you). R850 - Gimme this!

We-Vibe II
The Worlds Most Popular Vibrator for Couples! A million people already use the patented, C-shaped We-Vibe to inject more fun and intimacy into their loving relationships. Supple and silky, the G-spot end of the We-Vibe glides inside easily while the other end nestles against her clitoris. R1,150 - Gimme this!

Coming Soon

  • 13-in-1 Multi-tool Pen
  • Boogie Board Tablet (Black)
  • Colour Changing Thinking Putty (4" Amethyst Blush)
  • Colour Changing Thinking Putty (4" Sunburst)
  • CopyCat Portable Scanner
  • Garlic Zoom (XL) garlic slicer
  • Handerpants (underpant hand glove)
  • Hellebrities (celebrity card game)
  • Family Guy Mini Figurines
  • Micro Sonic Grenade
  • My Scratch Map
  • Nite Glowring (Blue)
  • Nite Glowring (Pink)
  • Pocket Cinema (portable projector)
  • Powerbuzz Magnets
  • Sackboy™ 6" Figurine
  • The Magic Wand Remote Control
  • Universal iPhone® Remote Case
  • DIY Hooch Kit
  • Koziol Bird Feeder (Lime and Purple)
  • Pizza Boss 3000
  • Raunchy Wrapping Paper
  • Addictaball

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