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Remote Wireless DVR MonitorWOW!
You can't have eyes everywhere - that's where this Wireless Monitor comes in handy. Providing high quality H.264 compressed video, PTZ (pan tilt zoom), and night vision, this wireless monitor provides additional eyes when you need them most. R2299 - Gimme this!
Mr Beer Home-Brewing Kit
Mr Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit Description Home brewing is back and the Mr Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit has everything you need to make delicious beer in your own home. After only 14 days you will have 2 gallons of home brewed beer ready to drink, all you need now is to get some friends over and you can get the party started. Staying in is definitely the new going out! R1499 - Gimme this!

T-Rex Tea Infuser
T-Rex tea infuser performs the same function as a tea bag. A tea infuser is a device in which loose tea leaves are placed for steeping.   The tea infuser gained popularity in first half the 19th century. By the time of Queen Victoria no respectable British household would be without one. R125 - Gimme this!

Key Rock
A great security product, simply keep a spare key for your door inside this fake rock and keep it in the garden where it will look like another rock in your garden but should you ever find your self locked out you will be able to get in using the key you have left in the rock! R50 - Gimme this!

Flair Hair (Black/Grey)
Combining fun with function, this visor/hair substitute makes a humorous and original gift for all - whether follicly-challenged or blessed with a full mop! Recreate the hair you grew up with, or unveil an unforgettable new look! R250 - Gimme this!
EZ One-Handed Bottle Opener
The bottle top is retained by a neat little magnet which is subtly housed on the inside of your opener, simply discard with your thumb, abandon the empty bottle and you’re ready to go again. R60 - Gimme this!
Mini Kitchen Pallet Trivet
The Pallet Trivets are a 1:6 reconstruction of the original "Euro Pallet". Made from Fir wood, they are tough enough to be piled with your industrial cooking utensils. After use fork them into place back in the cupboard. Ideal for restaurants, bars or at home. R125 - Gimme this!
Jabra Sport Bluetooth
Get more from your exercise with wireless music and calls Exercise is about freedom, about pushing limits and enjoying doing it. Some people like to exercise while listening to music, some talk on the phone. With the Jabra SPORT Bluetooth® stereo headset it's easy to do both – and without the hassle of headset wires that slow you down.You simply stream music and calls via Bluetooth to it. R1200 - Gimme this!
All-Weather Mobile Phone
This ultra-durable mobile phone features an internal hardened magnesium frame and 3.5mm rubberized casing that repels rain, dust, and blunt force, providing the ultimate in real world durability. That means you can drop it, throw it, step it on it, submerge it in water, hit it with a baseball bat, run it over with a jeep, and it'll still come out in perfect shape. R2499 - Gimme this!
Car Camera Blackbox DVR
Keep yourself protected from fraudulent lawsuits on the road with one of the most advanced car DVRs ever: The Dual Camera Car Blackbox DVR with GPS Logger and G-Sensor. he road is full of hidden dangers and bad drivers, that's why you need to keep a car blackbox DVR in place for those stingy insurance companies. R1995 - Gimme this!

Got Friends? Want R100?

R100 off!Send this jam packed email full of manly goodness to just 5 of your friends and receive a coupon code to the value of R100.
1. Forward this email, and in the "To" field add You will then magically receive and automated reply with the code.
2. in the "CC" field put five (5) friend's email addresses
3. Hit that little ol' Send button - then you're done.

Coming Soon
  • WonKey Wonky Table Fixer
  • BeerOmeter Beer Glass
  • Tom Dick & Harry Character Jars
  • Lex Seth & Carrie Character Jars
  • BuckleUp Key Holder for Keeping Keys Safe
  • Taste Explosion Salt & Pepper Shaker
  • CuppaCan Seal Top Can-Mug

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