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ION Film 2 SD Pro Transfer Old 35mm Negatives
Rediscover your long-lost 35mm slides and film negatives with FILM 2 SD PRO. This high-quality scanner transfers your images directly onto an SD card so you can enjoy your old pictures with the latest technology. Thanks to FILM 2 SD PRO's large, full-color LCD screen, you don't even need a computer to make it work! R1579 - Gimme this!

Trekstor i.Gear Lumio Projector for iPhone® 4/4SWOW!
The i.Gear Lumio Projector for iPhone® is an ingenious little piece of hardware that allows you to project data (videos, pictures, slideshows etc) from your iPhone® 4/4S onto a wall or projector screen (diagonal from approx. 30 - 130 cm). With its the built-in battery, the mini-projector can be used as a power charger for your iPhone® 4/4S as well, but when used as a projector, precious battery life won't be used. R2999 - Gimme this!

Doomed Shot Glass
Booze demons will soon be able to impress friends with their consecutive shot-slamming skills in style (say that five times fast!) with this new Doomed Shot Glass.With a wickedly manly hand-blown crystal skull adorning its innards, this shot glass makes it immediately clear that you’re not here to f*ck around. R125 - Gimme this!

Ouch! Voodoo Doll Toothpick Holder
Make your next party painfully amusing by inviting OUCH!, the voodoo-it-yourself toothpick holder. Perfect for finger food, emergency hexes, and jump-starting the good times. With Ouch, olives will never be boring again! R135 - Gimme this!
Salt & Peeper Birdy Shaker
This little peeper just wants to please! Turn his head to the right and his eyes change from blue to white and his beak dispenses salt; turn it left and his eyes turn black and of course his beak pours the pepper. R135 - Gimme this!
Fisticup™ Knuckleduster Mug
This man-size coffee mug packs a serious punch! Do you take your morning brew light and sweet, or are you a hard hitting black coffee type? Either way, you'll get a fistful of your favorite beverage with this smashing new mug. Sleek ivory high-fire ceramic contrasts dramatically with the steely metallic handle. R225 - Gimme this!
Fill 'Er Up Gas Tank Bank
When I was a kid, my mom would constantly remind me to stop spending it all on candy or dolls and save it up for a rainy day. I didn’t really get the whole concept of saving versus spending, and I think it was all because of the delayed gratification thing. But something that could actually make saving up a bit more fun is the Fill ‘Er Up Gas Tank Coin Bank. R185 - Gimme this!
Cold Blooded Vampire Ice Tray
Add some bite to your beverage! Twilight descends, beverages are poured.  Hmmm, something’s missing from the drinks. Maybe they just need a little bite. So drop some stone-cold fangs into your Bloody Mary and feel that chill go right down your spine.  Mwahahaha! R135 - Gimme this!
Scary Teeth
A highly realistic collection of teeth guaranteed to get a second look wherever you are, these scary teeth come in various forms from werewolf to vampire, blood stained or a little added bling in the form of gold incisors. Ideal for fancy dress parties. R95 - Gimme this!
Quicksit The First 100% Recycled Plastic Fold Up Seat
The QuickSit is a simple and stylish fold up seat with multiple practical applications for domestic or commercial use that also happens to be made from 100% recycled plastic. It works on all indoor floor surfaces and outdoor surfaces such as grass, mud, gravel, paving, sand and even snow! R225 - Gimme this!

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Coming Soon
  • Binary Watches
  • Bold for Men Dry Shave
  • Lifeproof iPhone® cover
  • Griffin DJ Cable
  • T-Rex Tea Infuser
  • Key Rock (key hider)
  • Flair Hair
  • One-Handed Bottle Opener

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