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Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball
The perfect gift for sports lovers looking to practice their aim in private! Simply attach the net to the back of your bathroom door or wherever's convenient, secure the ball holder within reach of your loo and slam dunk your way through your time on the throne! R199 - Gimme this!
Spy Pen Video RecorderWOW!
Disguised as a fully working pen, this miniature video camera, is perfect for covert surveillance. If you need a spy camera that's body mounted, there's nothing easier or more discreet than just putting this pen camcorder in a shirt pocket for a full view of everything you see in front of you. R599 - Gimme this!
Veho™ Universal Suction Mount for Muvi HD-10+
The short based suction mount will attach to almost anything flat and is designed to hold at high speeds. Shipped with the suction mount is the stand MUVI HD holder, a protective skin holder, 2 way angle connector and tripod mount. R599 - Gimme this!
Veho™ SAEM Bluetooth Car Kit (with Motion Sensor)
We can’t all afford a handsfree kit in our car; and Bluetooth earpieces are about as classy as driving gloves. But what’s the alternative? Risk life, limb and the long arm of the law by using your mobile while you drive? Not on our watch! That’s why we’ve tracked down the SAEM Bluetooth Car Kit. R899 - Gimme this!
Veho™ Pebble Smartstick
Charge your portable device on the move without the need for mains power. Small and light enough to carry around in your bag, the Pebble Smartstick portable emergency charger will provide your mobile device with up to one additional charge, charging most popular devices including iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and devices that use mini or micro USB. R399 - Gimme this!
Veho™ Duopod Monopod and Telescopic Handle Set
Taking photos of yourself is tricky, especially when all of your friends pile into the shot as well. And it usually ends in shots that are a little too zoomed-in for comfort. What is an amateur snapper to do? Well, either find yourself some go-go-gadget arms, or invest in a Veho Duopod. R599 - Gimme this!
Space Coaster DIY Rollercoaster
With the ingenious Space Coaster you can build a spectacular, gravity-defying rollercoaster for… marbles! Featuring white-knuckle twists and turns, as well as a loop-the-loop, you can watch your marbles navigate the course at super speeds! Two separate tracks allow the marbles to whizz around the roller coaster. The fun just keeps on rolling! R399 - Gimme this!
Coffee Joulies (5 Pack)
We all use ice to stop our cold drinks warming up too quickly. But how do we stop our hot drinks cooling down too fast? Hot ice? Don't talk crazy. You need Coffee Joulies. Make burnt tongues a thing of the past – these ingenious beans make blisteringly-hot coffee (or tea) drinkable, but also keep it hot for longer. How do they manage that? Good question. R799 - Gimme this!
Mini Table Tennis TableWOW!
Complete with a pair of mini TT bats , two TT balls and a pop-up net this compact kit has everything you need. Sure, it's a fraction of the size of a regulation table, but that just adds to the giddy excitement – especially if you're playing on an open-top bus, on an escalator, in a packed lift or high up in the branches of a tree. R399 - Gimme this!

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Coming Soon
  • USB Bar Code Scanner
  • Remote DVR with Handheld Monitor
  • All-Weather Mobile Phone (Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof)
  • Car Camera DVR Blackbox
  • Bold for Men Dry Shave
  • Scary Teeth
  • Skech Blueboard

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