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AstroStar The Magic of Starlight Indoors
These days, light pollution in our towns and cities means that far too many of us miss out on the beauty of seeing the stars twinkling in the night sky. Although we unfortunately can’t do much about this, there is one answer for anyone who wants to bring some starlight back into their life – the AstroStar. R499 - Gimme this!
NSD Powerball Pro Autostart 250Hz plus FREE Stressball
Offering the same superlative build quality as the other Powerballs in the range the 250 Hz Autostart has the added advantage of being truly portable and can be easily operated by anybody - no strings, no thumb start, no flick start... just wind it back and let go for a perfect start every time! R499 - Gimme this!
ZORB Giant Roller BallWOW!
If you're into doing crazy stuff, then this giant inflatable Roller Ball could be the catalyst for some of your greatest stunts yet! Fully inflated, the Roller Ball stands at a gargantuan 3m x 3m x 3m and provides the cushioned comfort required for rolling yourself and a friend down a hill. Yes, that's right – the idea is to start at the top of a slope, strap in and then enjoy the ride of your life! Sound dangerous? R26,999 - Gimme this!
5FM DJ Bobbleheads
A 'Bobble head' is a collectible model. The figurine generally has an undersized body with an oversized caricature head.
The head is attached to the body by means of a spring, and when tapped or bumped, gives a comical bouncing movement to the head, hence the name 'Bobblehead'. R250 - Gimme this!
We Vibe III (Purple)
The Worlds Most Popular Vibrator for Couples just got better! The NEW We Vibe 3 has more power, is waterproof and also comes with its own remote controller. Now there's at least one remote you won't have to fight over! Worn while making love, the We-Vibe 3 boasts more power, a fully waterproof design, a convenient wireless remote control, and a wireless charger base that doubles as a discreet, perfect-for-travel storage case. R1595 - Gimme this!
True Utility ReCoil
With a 68cm braided stainless steel wire you are able to access your keys for immediate use whenever you need them. Whether you need to simply open your front door or use one of your key-ring accessories, the ReCoil makes this simple and easy to do. By using the included belt clip you will always know where your keys are so you can use them when needs be. R95 - Gimme this!
True Utility FlyEye 7
Revolutionary Wide Beam Lens, inspired by nature. The True Utility FlyEye 7 is no ordinary torch. With 7 lenses encasing 7 1W LED bulbs this torch offers magnified and light dispersing light. Using the latest ‘straw hat’ LED technology this flashlight gives improved light dispersion that lights the area in front of you. What you do need to see is the area in your immediate vicinity. R650 - Gimme this!
Bluelounge Refresh Gadget Charging Station (Jet Black)
Lay down your wreaths and say your goodbyes – all those bulky chargers littering your home and office are about to bite the dust, thanks to the smashingly sleek Refresh Charging Station. The ultimate de-cluttering device for power crazy gadgeteers, the stylish Refresh can charge several oojamiflips simultaneously: from phones and iPods to GPS units and bluetooth headsets.
R990 - Gimme this!
Nickel Morning After Rescue Shower Gel 200ml
A light body wash which combines the toning and exfoliating qualities of jojoba beads with the softening effects of pistachio oil to leave the body cleansed, smooth and wonderfully soft. The scent is invigorating enough the blow away the cob-webs, hence the ‘Morning After’ title. R180 - Gimme this!
Oregon Scientific Daylight Projection Clock with Weather FunctionWOW!
This sleek black weather clock will always keep you in the know. The projection feature shines the current time, outdoor temperature and future weather forecast on your choice of surfaces. The integrated light sensor detects the current light levels, and automatically adjusts the projection beam to the perfect level of brightness. R1499 - Gimme this!
Travalo Travel Atomiser for Fragrances (Silver)
The trouble with fancy fragrances is that they come in big posh bottles. Which is fine if they are sitting on a shelf but incredibly impractical if they are clunking around inside your bag. Enter, with a gentle ‘phssst’ of scent, the ingenious Travalo. R185 - Gimme this!
$100 Toilet Roll
Do you wish you were rich enough to flush money down the toilet? Now you can with this authentic looking $100 bill toilet paper. If you want to show your contempt for currency and feel that the dollar is devalued, you can use it to wipe your bottom on and express your true feelings about the state of the financial system! R75 - Gimme this!

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  • Book Safe
  • Reserved Beach Towel
  • Emergency Toilet Roll
  • Butcher's Apron
  • Sky Fly RC Copter
  • Coffee Joulies
  • Mini Table Tennis Table

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