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VinOAir Wine Aerator
Ingenious construction complemented with optimal convenience, this on-bottle wine aerator does it all: serves up a perfect pour, eliminates drips, and fully aerates and oxidates your wine for maximum flavor and quality. R180 - Gimme this!
PopCap Bottle Top PopperWOW!
Fun and exciting, all you have to do is place this cleverly shaped "bottle-top" stainless steel bottle opener on the top of your beer and press down, then watch as it effortlessly pops the cap off your bottle. Great fun for parties, your guests will watch in amazement as you rapidly open all of their bottles in seconds! R230 - Gimme this!
CorkPops Wine Bottle Opener
Combining the "fastest, easiest way to open a bottle of wine" of the Cork Pop I with the added convenience of a built-in 4 blade foil cutter and patented cork release feature. he Legacy is a salute to vision - combining the best of our original Cork Pop features with new technology. It is the ultimate new bar accessory. R399 - Gimme this!
Ogon RFID Wallet
Wallets have traditionally been designed to hold cash, not cards. Thing is, cash is fast becoming yesterday's currency, a fact most wallet makers seem keen to ignore. For this reason we've been on the lookout for a pocket-sized receptacle that will protect flexible friends as well as wonga, whilst exuding a dash of 21st century style. Step forward the gorgeously sleek Ogon RFID Wallet. R620 - Gimme this!
Motorola T6 Long-Range Twin Radios
Since mobile phones were invented back in the late Cretaceous period, walkie talkies have taken a bit of a back seat. Which is shame because they're awfully good fun (and pretty handy in a tight spot). Well thankfully they're making a comeback. R1299 - Gimme this!
Shirt Shuttle (Travelling Shirt Protector)
You've gone to all the trouble of ironing your shirt, but as soon as it goes in your suitcase it's doomed. All that hard work (ironing is hard) and it will come out looking like a crumpled up crisp packet. Well we have a solution. It may look like a bit of high tech kit for a car's roofrack, but the Shirt Shuttle has been designed to carry a single shirt. R550 - Gimme this!
Gyro Flyer RC Helicopter
Yes, we realise most R/C helicopters are not that easy to fly. Here at Firebox even the most accomplished pilots have come a cropper, smashing headfirst into our Airwolf shrine, lopping off the boss's top hat and plummeting into piles of discarded choppers that have been stamped upon in fits of frustration. R650 - Gimme this!
iAdapter Multi-device Charging Adapter
With this charging adapter kit, you eliminate the need of bringing any other chargers with you when traveling. The adapter includes USB charging along with two adjustable power plugs which can be modified to fit the European (EU) and American (US) outlet style. It can be used in all regions including most Europe, North America and most Asian Countries - and of course SOUTH AFRICA. R99 - Gimme this!
iHelicopter RC iPhone® Helicopter WOW!
Flying the iHelicopter is easy and a lot of fun. All you need to do is download the FREE controller App from the App Store and plug in the transmitter. The App features a band selection (A/B/C) which makes it possible to have 3 iHelicopters flying in the same area. You can use the app to perform a variety of movement, including left/right rotation, forward/back, hover and land. R799 - Gimme this!
Clapperboard Alarm Clock
Looking and acting exactly like a director digital clapperboard, this Digital Alarm Clock displays time in a 24 hour format, which is complete even up to seconds and deci-seconds. Besides, it shows you the date in a dd/month/year format. It's also a fully functional alarm clock. To silence it, just use the clapper and clip the board like you are beginning a movie take, and the alarm stops (and action!).  R799 - Gimme this!
Gun Alarm Clock
Wake up in style and start the day with a BANG with the Gun Alarm Clock! Nothing gets rid of that early morning crankiness and says "I'm ready for the day!" quite like a quick and accurate shot to this alarm clock. R299 - Gimme this!

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  • Freeloader Battery Charger
  • True Utility ReCoil
  • AstroStar
  • Sky Fly

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