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Voodoo® Knife Block Set (now in Chrome)WOW!
The Voodoo Knife Block is a slice above other knife blocks and it's wonderfully unusual in terms of originality and design (no more sharp wordplay - promise). Crafted in rich red, black or chrome coloured ABS plastic, the highly stylish Voodoo has five strategically-positioned slots in which to place five quality knives, which are also included. R1499 - Gimme this!
RazorMD™ Straight Razor (Black)
Once you're done toying around with disposable razors and the like, join the shave and grooming elite that swear by the cutthroat razor. Cutthroat razors are designed for the skilled user, and although may take some getting use to, will lend itself to the closest, most masculine, and utterly indulgent shave you will ever experience. High quality 5/8 forged carbon steel razor from RazorMD™. R650 - Gimme this!
Lexen® HealthySprouter
The Lexen Healthy Sprouter is great for growing all your favourite seed and bean sprouts including wheatgrass and it can be used with or without soil. Complete with a smoked polycarbonate lid to encourage low-light germination, the two tray system of the <strong>Lexen Healthy Sprouter</strong> can be expanded to make a bigger sprouter with up to 4 trays. R665 - Gimme this!
My Butterfly (Monarch)
Not the manliest of gizmos to have lying around the house, but what an amazingly lifelike desk toy. For added entertainment, put one one of these in site of a dog or cat and watch them go nuts over this electronic wonder of nature. Watch My Butterfly fly, flap and flutter! Amazing realistic animation activating 90 seconds of random life-like movement of a butterfly. R399 - Gimme this!
Aquapod™ Bottle LauncherWOW!
An ingenious piece of kit to keep teenagers and adults alike occupied outdoors, the Aquapod allows you to launch a 2 litre plastic bottle up to 100 feet into the air. Simple to use, pour some water into an empty two litre pop bottle, secure it over the launch tube and use an ordinary bicycle pump to pressurise the Aquapod. R450 - Gimme this!
€200 Toilet Roll
Have you ever wished you were rich enough to flush money down the toilet? Yes? Well, now you can be… with the authentic looking 200 Euro bill toilet roll. Alternatively, maybe you'd like to show your contempt for currency in general and make the point that money holds no real value. What a perfect opportunity to express your true feelings by using wads of it to wipe your bottom! R75 - Gimme this!
3-in-1 All Terrain Robot
The build-it-yourself 3-in-1 All Terrain Robot takes roving around the house or garden to a more industrial level! For starters, it comes complete with six caterpillar tracks for ease of manoeuvrability and extreme grip. Even better than that, thanks to the three different track modules provided, you can transform your robot into three amazing models: forklift, rover and gripper! R599 - Gimme this!
Hydrocar Hydrogen Powered Car Kit
This vehicle coming straight from the year 2099 is running on clean hydrogen fuel using a next generation reversible Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell. Its new design offers a futuristic feel for what transportation could look like in the next decades. R1499 - Gimme this!
Etón Solarlink FR650RDS (Radio, Torch, Siren, Solar Power, Cellphone Charger)
Self-Powered Digital AM/FM/SW/NOAA, S.A.M.E. Weather Radio with Flashlight, Siren, Solar Power and Cell Phone Charger. Multi purpose Outdoor radio with Shortwave, Longwave, RDS (Radio data System) Plus - Flashlight, Siren, Solar Power and Cell Phone Charger. R1250 - Gimme this!
Ventus® Eco Pro Torch
The ECO PRO-TORCH™ is the most powerful and versatile torch in the Ventus range! This torch features a USB cable to enable full charging from any PC, and 12v/24v in-car charger is also included. A full charge gives an incredible 12 hours of continuous light and you will never need to replace a bulb or battery — so no future costs and guaranteed light when you need it. R450 - Gimme this!

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Coming Soon
  • Ogon RFID Wallet
  • Pokitt Wallet (Spearmint)
  • Motorola T6 Twin Radios
  • Shirt Shuttle
  • Gyro Flyer R/C Helicopter

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